The Wood Gear Clocks

This is the first clock I designed, called the "Trainer".
   It was designed to be as simple as possible to build yet  still keep time. Building this clock will give you the background of clock design and making them run  properly.

All of the gears are cut on the scrollsaw from  plywood. 





This clock is the second one I designed and is called the " Squire". It has more detail than  the Trainer, and will therefore be more difficult to build.

This plan has one part that a table saw would be used, but I'm sure most experienced woodworkers would be able to work around that without a table saw.





The Wagonwheel clock is unique in that the gear train really is all visible. This is my favorite clock because you can really see the gear train and watch everything work.

The Wagonwheel also comes in a laser cut kit, with a 1 hour instruction video, and an assembly manual.



This is the Oak. It is hard to see but the second sweeps through the opening in the tree, and there is a squirrel on the end of the second hand that looks to be jumping across the leaves in the treetop.






The "Peace " clock has now been added to the line.

 This has gears that are somewhat out in the open, but still has a nice look to the clock. The interesting thing of this clock is the way the gear teeth all look to be bent to the side.








The Horizon has just been completed in March of 2001. so it is a new addition to the clocks I have designed. This was designed to be a little more of a contemporary type design. 






This is the Thomas Wall Clock. I did not design this clock but did write the manual for it. It is available on the Clock Mechanic web page.



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