Small Bench Model Saws                                           

By.jpg (40594 bytes)This is a B. Y. scrollsaw made in China  in 1993. The blade speed is only 960.  The front portion of the top arm is flipped up for doing fretwork, then drops back down to hook the blade up again. So I guess Dewalt wasn't the first one to think of the idea.

BVISAND.jpg (25699 bytes)

This is a BVI saw. Made in the 50's I guess. The box is dated 1950. There is a small disc sander on the side. The table for the saw and sander are real flimsy aluminum.

BVIRULE.jpg (28277 bytes)saber2.jpg (41835 bytes)Two BVI saws. This company must have had numerous models. This is unique that there is a ruler printed in the side of the saw, hard to see in the photo.

SAWJR.jpg (34589 bytes)

The Jig Saw Jr. made in the 40's is my guess.

I have 2 of these now.


DREMEL.jpg (25199 bytes)Bought this little Dremel at an auction of an old friend when he died. I think this saw was made in the early 60's

FLATDEL.jpg (21487 bytes)Just one of the early model Delta saws. Probable in the 60's.

MICK.jpg (26937 bytes)This Craftsman saw was given to my brother by my Grandmother in the 60's. It was new at the time, but he never used it much.

OLDCRAFT.jpg (25825 bytes)Old Craftsman , came from E-bay. Probably made in the  50's.

Craf31.jpg (26382 bytes)Another old Craftsman given to me by a member of the Des Moines Woodworkers Club.

Syncro3.jpg (63919 bytes)This small saw was made by Syncro. By the patent date it was made in 1934.

I have 3 of these saws now.

Grencraf.jpg (35911 bytes)Grencraf2.jpg (86229 bytes)Small Craftsman saw that uses the pin type blades. This was likely made in the 50's, another of the vibrator type saws, driven from the bottom with just spring return at the top.

Craf5.jpg (51994 bytes)I think this is a Craftsman but the name plate is missing.

MonkRand.jpg (48352 bytes)This is a Mongomery Wards saw , guess to be made in the 60's or 70's. It was donated to me by Randell Worden to add  to my collection.

karl.jpg (38813 bytes)The old Craftsman was donated by Karl Taylor for Ella Mae Baugh in memory of Dewey Baugh.


Syncro2.jpg (22576 bytes)A Syncro  probably made in the 40's.


GrenSand.JPG (133139 bytes)This was built by McGraw - Edison. It has a built on disc sander on the side.



BVIdrill.jpg (33753 bytes)

This BVI saw also has a drill chuck on the side. So it could have accommodated a flex shaft tool, or a drill bit in the chuck for fretwork.

Craft9.JPG (97048 bytes)

Another Craftsman form the 60's.

Chinese.jpg (209464 bytes) A saw from China. Not sure of many details because I cannot read
the paperwork that came with the saw.


ShopMaster.jpg (98113 bytes) Shopmaster saw probably from the 60's.

BVI5.jpg (41393 bytes)Another model of the BVI.

Another old Dremel

Another Jig Saw Jr. This one is a lot shorter in base height than the others I have. Given to me from Joan West.



A Sears scrollsaw

This is a Princeton Pneumatic air powered scrollsaw. I think it may have been made for the jewelry industry.





Hamilton Ross saw.





Old Craftsman Walking beam.



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