Foot Powered Saws                                     

Barnes.jpg (39865 bytes)The Barnes Velopide made in 1876 is a saw all on it's own. It is pedal powered and runs as smooth as anyone could ask for. This saw runs but need some work on it to restore it to showroom condition, in it's present state it does work, but is just not real pretty.


BARN7.jpg (49231 bytes)This Barnes #7 was purchased from a friend I went to high school with, he found it at an farm auction in the 70's about 10 miles from my house. I have ran this saw little, think I could saw all day on it. The flywheel design keeps the momentum going real easy. This saw has a patent date of 1880.


Demas.jpg (65779 bytes)This is a Demas made in 1881. It is a foot powered lathe/scrollsaw.  When I purchased it they said it was very rare, but this machine is in excellent shape. A nice addition to my collection.


Cricket.jpg (55309 bytes)Cricket3.JPG (124240 bytes)The " Cricket " is another saw from the 1800's that looks a lot like the same design used on the New Rogers and Lester Improved.


Hobbies.jpg (56019 bytes)"GEM" scrollsaw manufactured by Hobbies in England from 1928- 1965. This is a short saw , the stand in the background is  the base for a Delta Q3 scrollsaw.


NEWROG.jpg (49175 bytes)NEWROG2.jpg (50787 bytes)New Roger's saws made in about the 1860's.  I have not tried to run these saw since I bought it. These are different models as you can see.

BarMot.jpg (151768 bytes)This was a Barnes pedal saw , but someone modified it with a motor. 


Wodtread.jpg (48369 bytes)This one is an all wood framed treadle style saw. The ad on ebay where I bought the saw said it was an 1800's vintage. I think it is closer to about 1900 or 1910. There is no name or markings on the saw, but the wheels are made from cast metal and a round leather belt drives the saw.


LESTER.jpg (54153 bytes)A Lester Improved that I bought about 60 miles north of me in 1994. This saw was made in the late 1800's. I have tried using it , but can't keep the momentum up once the wood hits the blade. Poor design I think.

Star.jpg (55533 bytes)The " STAR " scrollsaw dates back to 1900 and was sold by Sears.


Roger4.jpg (109268 bytes)roger5.jpg (51330 bytes)Rogers5.jpg (52952 bytes)These are other New Rogers I ended up buying. 


Hobbnew.jpg (59652 bytes)Hobienew.jpg (58449 bytes)This is a new saw that was order from Hobbies in England. The stand behind the saw is for the Q3 so as you can tell the saw is short. To run the saw I sit on a milk crate, This saw is still available today.

fleetwood.jpg (53858 bytes)This is the Fleetwood that was made back in the 1800's.





Empire.jpg (49747 bytes)Empire saw made by Seneca.
This came with the wood stool that was also handmade .



Diringo.jpg (57099 bytes)According to Ken Cope, author of the American Foot Power and Hand Power 
Machinery, this saw is " one of the most desirable of all treadle operated machines.
It is rare with only four examples to known. And what makes this one even more 
unique is the " W. M. Sears Toronto " cast into the upper frame. 

Below are some closer pictures of this saw.

Diringo1.jpg (36991 bytes)Diringo2.jpg (28401 bytes)Diringo3.jpg (34723 bytes)Diringo4.jpg (32110 bytes)Diringo5.jpg (30655 bytes)


Jigger.jpg (32090 bytes)

The "JIGGER" made in Nebraska. My guess is this saw was built in the 1940-50 era.  Stepping on the pedal pulls the arms down, the spring returns the arm up. One step for one movement of the blade down. Slow cutting.


Barn7A.jpg (173780 bytes)This is another  Barnes #7 model. It has a low number of 3127 so it must be a very early model. The unique thing of this on is it used a wood stick attached to the back leg, for the return spring. On the other Barnes there is a spring and lever system.


Champ-lath.jpg (159671 bytes)A Champion wood lathe and scroll saw combination. There is also a grinding wheel and drill chuck on the outboard end of the lathe.




NewRog3.JPG (124697 bytes)Another New Rogers scrollsaw. 




ChampFoot.JPG (63063 bytes)

A Champion, that is the saw as the one I have on the saw-lathe combo, that someone tried to convert to a foot power saw. From the way it is put together it would have never worked.



HobTread.jpg (144355 bytes) This one has no marking as to a brand or name. 
The big wheel is similar to another one of the old 
saws I have, the Hobbies.



Fletwood2.JPG (135347 bytes)This is another model of the Fleetwood that was made back in the 1800's.

ComboSaw.jpg (75912 bytes) Demas saw set up attachment to the foot power wood lathe.

A Miller Falls

A Rival made by Seneca Falls

Another saw and wood lathe combination

Barnes Velopoide with the original seat.

Think this is off a Champion Saw-Lathe set. But it had a strange homemade hold down on it.

I think this is off a Fleetwood saw.


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