Spiral Turned Lids

Something new I have tried to do. Oak is not a good wood to use for these as you can see the chipping. This has been the test for the jig and how to do it. Will get pictures of the jig later.

I have a formica template to trace a 4 1/2" diameter circle onto the wood. Then i cut that out with the scrollsaw and drill the center hole only.

Then I mark the edges of the wood in the 3 spots to be able to index the disc to turn the rings.

I then screw the wood to the center hole of the 8" plate tight and turn the outside rim to clean up any wobbles I might have made on the scrollsaw.

Then I put the 2 screws into the edges , using them to hold down the wood where the grain direction otherwise might allow the wood to cup a little. I then use a parting tool to cut the rings on the bottom of the disc.

Then I turn the wood over and screw it to the offset center. Line up the mark on the rim and use the 2 other screws to hold the wood in place. Using the parting tool I cut one set of rings. Then rotate the wood to the next index mark and do it again.

On the back I have used JB Weld to secure the nuts onto the wood. Then I place a spigot on the back so I can use my chuck to mount this to the lathe.

Here is a PDF file of the layout and a little more detail on how to make a jig. Spiral Jig