Hand Operated Saws                                           

Hobhand.jpg (33325 bytes)Available from Hobbies of England yet today. This is the hand frame saw, and comes with the drill, drill bits, c-clamp, sawing block. All  ready to hand saw those projects.

HANDDREM.jpg (27810 bytes)A Dremel hand held electric saw. This was made in the 40' would be my guess.

DremCop.jpg (83168 bytes)DremHandle.JPG (24063 bytes)A couple of Dremel's with the original boxes.

DremHand.jpg (35202 bytes)DremCop2.jpg (174415 bytes)A couple of old Dremel saws. The first one has the price on the box $8.95 , so these saws were fairly low priced when new.



Trojan.jpg (219132 bytes)A Trojan hand held saw.



A hand frame saw mounted on a guide setup. The whole unit clamps to the table then to wood is clamped into the saw. The saw itself has a chain drive to keep the blade clamps aligned with each other. Then the saw can be turned any direction to make your cut, but the saw is always held perfect perpendicular to the wood.



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