Saws Homemade                                            

MADE.jpg (48490 bytes)I bought this homemade saw at the first Woodsmith Store tool swap in 1994. A fellow about 60 miles from me made it. His woodworking club visited my shop a few years back and he recognized the saw he had made.

ARMADEL.jpg (76864 bytes)This is a real homemade find. Bought for me by my sister at an antique shop for $40. The table is warped bad, whole thing is made of scrap lumber. The table braces are old lathe, some plaster still on them. But I bet the old guy who made it used it a lot, would like to have seen some of his work.


Lgwood.jpg (27315 bytes)A large saw , it is sitting on a Delta Q3 stand.  A lot of the wood parts are rough cut lumber. The 2 X 4 bottom rails are full dimension lumber, surfaced 4 sides, but the corners are not rounded over like the lumber today.  I would guess this saw from the early 1900's.

ModAmade0.JPG (73522 bytes)This saw was made from the axle out of a Model A car. The base for the saw is the brake drum from the Model A. The fellow I bought it from said his grandfather built it back in the 30-40's.


SewWood.JPG (19172 bytes)

Looks like this one may have been made from a sewing machine works. 
Unknown vintage, but gessing the 1900 era.



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