Play Toy Saws                                         

BATSAW.jpg (34105 bytes)A kit currently being sold. It is powered by 4 D cell batteries. The saw will cut the balsa wood that came with it, but won't cut 1/8" Plywood. It also converts to a drill, lathe, and sander. 

Plastoy.jpg (37519 bytes)A plastic toy saw made in the early 60's. The saw runs on 2 D cell batteries. It came with the plastic letter templates and a couple of animal templates.

Saft2.jpg (86644 bytes)Another  plastic toy saw , different vintage than the one above.


Mattel.JPG (28421 bytes) Made by Mattel . This was a scroll saw, wood lathe, sander combination. Made in the late 1950's.


Saft3.JPG (37525 bytes)

Another SaftSaw in the box and complete paperwork with it.


Small battery powered saw. Tag on the bottom says Rosko tested. 


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